Product Features

Protective Barrier

You no longer have to worry about getting a wound wet or keeping dressings dry

Secure Sensitive Areas

Securely holds ice/heat packs, dressings and lines in place to optimize care

Gentle On Hair & Skin

Self-adhering without Velcro®, tape, or clips and will not stick to hair or skin for a pain free removal

A latex-free product shown to promote healing and help prevent infection

Healing is hard enough without the worry of keeping a dressing dry or needing to have a new line inserted. SealSkin is a worry-free solution to keep dressings dry and lines intact to promote healing.

Helping people heal no matter where

SealSkin is useful in many diverse settings such as Hospitals, Home Care, Tattoo Shops, Ambulances, Vet Offices, and even in your own home.

Ready to take patient care to the next level?