Fred Rogers, from the Mister Roger’s Neighborhood TV show, liked to tell children that in times like this, “look for the helpers”.  At SealSkin Medical Wrap, LLC, we believe we can help the helpers when they need it most, while caring for their COVID-19 patients.  Their safety and protection can be maximized by creating more cleanable surfaces and securing their personal protective equipment (PPE) to save time and prevent exposures.

Cleanable Surfaces in an Instant

SealSkin Medical Wrap provides a non-adhesive, protective barrier uniquely designed to help contain and secure a patient’s environment to promote safety and cleanliness.  This is critical while taking care of COVID-19 patients.   SealSkin adds needed adherence to surfaces without “adhesives” that stay behind and can collect bacteria and viruses.  SealSkin gives you a cleaner alternative that can be done in an instant.  Suggested uses include wrapping:

  1. Lines, wires and tubing to secure them and make them more manageable and cleanable
  2. Keyboards and the mouse for fast and easy cleaning
  3. Monitoring equipment that usually needs to be cleaned with specialty cleaners. Once wrapped, they can be safely cleaned with any approved cleaner for COVID-19 patients.  This will save time and money if the specialty cleaners become hard to find.

Creating More Secure PPE

Working in PPE is hard and making sure it is safe is a priority.  SealSkin can help with a simple wrap around the wrist, ankles, shoes, belts or whatever else you can think of.  Suggested uses with PPE include:

  1. Securing gloves to PPE gown cuffs to prevent exposure. If during the PPE shortage, alternative gowns do not have a thumb feature, this becomes more critical to make sure the gloves stay in place to prevent wrists from being exposed while working in the gown.
  2. Covering PAPR belts with SealSkin Wrap to keep them clean during use. PAPR belts are hard to clean so if you are more comfortable wearing the PAPR on the outside of your gown, simply wrap it in SealSkin to protect the belt during use.
  3. SealSkin your cell phone to your arm to protect it from contamination and you can still have access to it while on the COVID units.
  4. Wrap your shoes and/or ankles in SealSkin to keep them clean and protected while caring for patients.

Safer Patient Care

SealSkin Medical Wrap is a protective barrier that is designed to provide a waterproof, non-adhesive covering for IV lines, PICC lines, and all other monitoring wires, cords and tubing that need to be covered to keep them manageable and dry during:

  1. Bathing/showering
  2. Repositioning patients to prevent pressure ulcers
  3. Transferring patients to and from stretchers and beds

There will be many different ways to use this product which will make the amazing work the Healthcare Workers are doing easier, cleaner and safer.