With the concept of proper wound healing techniques, the existence of various wound care products have expanded recently.  We’ve evolved from the basic band-aids, sterile gauze, non-adhesive dressing to a more advanced wound care products.

Much of the discussion around wound care has also been focused on the appropriate choice of wound dressings.  This is to ensure that wound management objectives are suitable with wound types and wound care techniques.

While the traditional wound care technique termed as wet-to-dry dressing remains the gold standard for wound care, recent advancements in the field have led us to discover that wound care can be improved with SealSkin Medical Wrap.

What is SealSkin Medical Wrap?

SealSkin Medical wrap is a stretchable, waterproof wrap that offers added protection for wound healing that traditional bandages can’t. It features a self-adhering, liquid impermeable plastic film attached on a handy roller that makes application an easy task.

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Why Use SealSkin Medical Wrap for Wound Care?

SealSkin Medical Wraps provide many advantages. Here are some of the benefits of using SealSkin Medical Wrap for wound care management:

1. It Provides Wound Protection

SealSkin Medical Wrap acts as a barrier to protect wounds against external contaminants such as dirt, body fluids, liquid spills, and certain microorganisms.

2. It’s Waterproof

You may take a bath, dip into a swimming pool, or shower with wounds as long as you cover it with SealSkin. It is a waterproof dressing tape that is large enough to cover the whole area of the wound site. It seals the area around the injury. Whether you have a gauze or bandage wrapped around your wound, you can still cover it with SealSkin to provide additional cover for your wound. You can use it to cover scrapes, abrasions, cuts, puncture wounds, as well as surgical incisions.

3. SealSkin Promotes Wound Healing

The seal that the product creates around the wound allows natural wound fluid such as white blood cells and platelets remain across the wound’s surface to do their job in repairing the healing wound.1

4. It’s Conformable

Unlike other waterproof plaster for wounds or sealing bandages, SealSkin’s wound wraps are stretchable.  The wrap flexes and conforms easily to body contours and prevent pressure or too much stress on the skin whenever you move. It is comfortable to wear and does not feel tight even if wrapped around bony prominences. It’s a one-of-a-kind wound dressing that conforms easily on body parts that are difficult to dress.  Areas like:

  • PICC surgical wounds
  • jugular insertion sites
  • pressure ulcers
  • IV sites
  • sacral wounds
  • other various types of wounds

5. Keeps the Wound Visible

The transparency of SealSkin Medical Wrap allows healthcare providers to see the wound site without removing the dressing. This feature eliminates unnecessary replacement of wound dressings.

6. Allows the Wound to Rest

With the Sealskin Wrap, one can expect fewer wound dressing changes, which will keep the wound area undisturbed. It also decreases the risk of further trauma due to repetitive removal of wound dressings, thereby enhancing the patients’ healing experience.

7. It can Help Save Money

Fewer replacements and changes for wound care dressing saves medical supply costs and nursing time. You will be able to reduce spending on gloves, prep pads, gauze, and other dressing materials. And unlike non-transparent occlusive wraps, waterproof wound tapes, hydro seal bandages, cloth dressing, and wound healing plasters, SealSkin Medical Wrap allows you to see the wound with its transparent film.

Important Considerations for Proper Wound Care

If you are looking for a transparent film dressing for wounds or thinking about how to keep a bandage dry in the shower, SealSkin may be a good solution. However, we strongly advise a consultation with your doctor first with regards to the most appropriate and proper wound care technique or dressing for your wound.

Always remember that there are different types of wound dressings (such as non occlusive dressing, semi occlusive dressing, occlusive dressing).  The right dressing depends on the condition or the type of your wound. Different factors are also considered before choosing wound dressing products. If you are wondering how to make a wound heal faster, the answer is simple – you’ll need the appropriate wound dressing.

Wound Care with SealSkin Medical Wrap

While SealSkin Medical Wrap provides features that makes wound care easier, we recommend checking with your healthcare provider if you intend to use this product in certain types of wounds.