It’s recommended to wrap a fresh tattoo when traveling home and for the first couple of hours.  That’s why wrapping a tattoo with SealSkin Medical Wrap is a good idea.  SealSkin holds tension for a snug wrapping around a fresh tattoo to protect the sensitive area and help prevent tattoo infections.

Wrapping a Tattoo is Important

Most tattoo professionals recommend wrapping a new tattoo for at least 3-5 days while you sleep to keep the area clean and to protect from infection.  It’s important to air dry a new tattoo but there times when it’s essential to keep it wrapped.    The most important times to wrap a new tattoo:

  • On your way home – Many countries require that new tattoos be wrapped in a sterile bandage to limit infections.
  • When wearing tight clothes – Excessive abrasive contact will not only hurt but may also introduce unwanted dirt and bacteria into the area.
  • Sleep – If you’re heading to bed, it’s best to wrap your tattoo with SealSkin Wrap to minimize dust and other bacteria from potentially causing infection.
  • Physical Activity – If you’re going for a run or playing a sport, you’ll want to wrap your fresh ink.
  • Dirty Environment – Keep your tattoo under wraps if you know you’ll be working in a dirty or dusty environment.

Avoiding Tattoo Infections

Like we said earlier, it’s important to air dry your new tattoo to avoid infection.  Keeping an airtight wrap on the wound is not recommended for prolonged periods of time.  Depending on the location and size of the tattoo you may need to approach care differently.  If in doubt, be sure to contact your tattoo artist or a medical professional to get their recommendations.

The great thing about using SealSkin Wrap as a part of the healing process is that it can be used to hold other bandages in place without the use of irritating or painful adhesives.

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