About Us

Like you, we’re frustrated by traditional bandages and not being able to bathe with a cast or an IV, making life difficult. Healing is hard enough without the worry of keeping a bandage, IV or cast dry when you want to take a shower or a bath. There should be better ways to make living your life easier while trying to heal.

That’s why we created the SealSkin Medical Wrap™. Our patent-pending technology helps secure, protect and reduce the discomfort of the healing process.

How we started

Meet Christina Joseph who made Sealskin
Medical Wrap possible with her touching story.

Our Mission

SealSkin is a product made in America with the highest level of quality. Our business is female and veteran owned. At SealSkin our mission is dedicated to helping as many people as we can live happier, healthier lives with the use of our products. We are especially committed to our veterans and are always seeking ways to use our funds to give back to the community. We value kindness above all other things.

Meet our Team,
we are ready to help

Larry Stratton
VP Sales

Kathleen Kohut
VP Clinical Health Solutions