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SealSkin Uses, Wound Care

Treatment Of Burns and SealSkin Medical Wrap

The American Burn Association (ABA) estimates that roughly four-hundred fifty thousand (450,000)…

waterproofed cast
Waterproofing, How To's

How to Waterproof a Cast with SealSkin

The most challenging thing that anyone who wears a cast experiences is…

Plantar Fasciitis
SealSkin Uses

SealSkin and Plantar Fasciitis

“A few months ago, I was having considerable pain in the heel…

SealSkin Wrap for Tattoos
SealSkin Uses

SealSkin Wrapping a Tattoo to Avoid Infections

It’s recommended to wrap a fresh tattoo when traveling home and for…

SealSkin Medical Wrap for occlusive Wounds
Wound Care

SealSkin Medical Wrap and Proper Wound Care

With the concept of proper wound healing techniques, the existence of various…

picc line protector waterproof wrapping an arm
SealSkin Uses, Waterproofing

Showering with a Waterproof PICC Line Protector & Covers