Patient Satisfaction by Making Bathing Activities Easier
Standard Patient Care, Waterproofing

How to Improve Patient Satisfaction by Making Bathing Activities Easier

Patient satisfaction became an important focus in healthcare delivery when the evolution of the Hospital…

Family home care patients
Standard Patient Care

The Challenges of Teaching Families of Home Care Patients

What are the challenges in teaching Family members for their home care patients? — The…

Infusion therapy center is more efficient than hospital visit by saving the time services. And if you are inefficient, you run the risk of losing patients.
Standard Patient Care

How Nurses in Infusion Therapy Centers Can Improve Time Management & Efficiency by Streamlining the Care Process

In 2015, the specialty drug market size was about $100 billion, of which infused drugs…

Protect Surgical Drains for Post-op patient

How to Protect Surgical Drains and Dressings While Bathing Post-op Patients: New Ways to Make Your Work Easier

It remains common practice to give patients a bath after a surgical procedure and it…

Standard Patient Care

Stop Improvising and Start Standardizing Patient Care to Improve Quality of Care

“Uncontrolled variation is the enemy of quality.” These are the words of renowned British physicist…

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waterproofed cast
Waterproofing, How To's

How to Waterproof a Cast with SealSkin

The most challenging thing that anyone who wears a cast experiences is…

Plantar Fasciitis
SealSkin Uses

SealSkin and Plantar Fasciitis

“A few months ago, I was having considerable pain in the heel…

SealSkin Wrap for Tattoos
SealSkin Uses

SealSkin Wrapping a Tattoo to Avoid Infections

It’s recommended to wrap a fresh tattoo when traveling home and for…

SealSkin Medical Wrap for occlusive Wounds
Wound Care

SealSkin Medical Wrap and Proper Wound Care

With the concept of proper wound healing techniques, the existence of various…

picc line protector waterproof wrapping an arm
SealSkin Uses, Waterproofing

Showering with a Waterproof PICC Line Protector & Covers