When you’ve got a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter, or PICC Line, it can be a real impediment to living your normal daily life.  Your number one priority is avoiding infection.  This means going without a shower or bath to avoid the risk of introducing moisture and potential bacteria.  That’s actually why we created the product SealSkin Medical Wrap.

One of our founders was struggling with pancreatitis and was spending weeks in the hospital at a time.  It was bad enough that she had to be in the hospital trying to get well, but her nurses were reluctant to let her shower with her PICC Line.  That’s when we had a great idea.

What’s the Difference Between a PICC Line Protector & PICC Line Covers?

PICC line protectors and PICC line covers are generally the same.  They’re designed to keep bacteria and keep the area .  They are both sleeves that cover the area around the elbow and are made from different materials – plastic, elastic, cotton.  It’s important when selecting a PICC line cover or protector that it be waterproof.

Waterproof PICC Line Protector Covers

Is Showering with a PICC Line Okay?

The answer is yes, but only if you take the right precautions to keep the area covered with something that’s waterproof.  Our bright idea was getting a wrap that can cover the area and keep it secure and dry.  That’s when SealSkin Wrap was born.  Our founder, Christina, was able to shower for the first time in days and it was incredible.  She felt more like herself and that means the world when you’re living through such a painful moment.

There are waterproof PICC Line protectors available that do a great job and SealSkin Medical Wrap has proven to be an easy-to-use and versatile option.  As a transparent plastic compression wrap you can secure your PICC Line or Port quickly and keep the area dry when bathing or showering.

SealSkin Medical Wrap may not provide a complete seal of your PICC/Port unless applied thoroughly and with tension.  Because the product is self-administered, we cannot guarantee performance. Be sure to consult your healthcare provider about whether you need to disconnect any extension tubing before showering and reconnect it after showering.

Is it Better to Shower or Bathe with a PICC?

It’s recommended to take a bath when you have a PICC Line or Port because you have more control to keep the area dry.  SealSkin Medical Wrap makes showering with a PICC line possible.

What to Do if My PICC Line Gets Wet?

If your PICC Line gets wet, dry the area as soon as possible and contact your home health nurse to get an emergency dressing change.  You need a someone whose trained to change the dressing and avoid the risk of infection.

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This blog is written to describe a use for SealSkin Medical Wrap and is not medical advise.  It is not a definitive guide about PICC Line care when bathing.  Please speak with your doctor or nurse regarding showering with a PICC Line and what they recommend.