SealSkin is a protective barrier for your artwork.

The Benefits of Using SealSkin

The Tattoo Colors Heal Darker And Stay More Vibrant

Lab Tested To Be Safe On Skin

Self-adhering And Will Not Stick To Hair Or Skin

Waterproof And Safe To Use In Shower

SealSkin Uses

  • Cover tattoo to keep dry and free of dirt and germs

  • Protects body artwork while healing

How To Use SealSkin

  • Apply SealSkin Wrap 2 to 3 inches above and below site to ensure a watertight seal

  • While wrapping, keep SealSkin taut to provide better control and coverage

  • Use scissors or your thumb to tear the wrap off at the desired length and seal the end in place with your hand

  • Change wrap after shower and dry

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