Value Assessment

Sealskin Medical Wrap, LLC (SSMW) and

(hereinafter referred to as "The Company") agree to perform a Value Assessment to determine the appropriate use of SSMW’s product for your organization.

As part of this agreement:

  1. SSMW will provide an agreed amount of product for your organization to use in a Value Assessment to help determine the appropriate use of Sealskin’s protective wrap for your organization.
  2. Identify key staff to work with your organization throughout the Value Assessment process.

We would like Sealskin provide training:(Required)

In return "The Company" will agree to:

  1. Provide the contact information for the person (s) that will be designated to partner with Sealskin during the trial.
  2. This person(s) should be able to work with Sealskin and the appropriate staff to implement the Value Assessment trial and also be authorized to be part of the decision making process.
  3. Communicate with key Sealskin staff to give feedback during the Value Assessment process and inform as to next step(s)
  4. "The Company" agrees to start the Value Assessment trial as soon as possible after Sealskin product is received and also provide a summary a couple weeks after completion.

Organization’s Key/Main contact person(s)

MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY