Wound Management

Sealskin is a versatile, medical grade wrap that provides a protective barrier for various wound keeping dressings clean, dry and in place to help prevent infection. Sealskin is easy to apply, easy to remove and disposable.

The Benefits of Using SealSkin

Protects Wounds To Help Prevent Infection

Does Not Require Tape, Velcro® Or Clips To Stay In Place

The Transparent Wrap Allows For Clear Visibility Of The Wound

Self-adhering And Will Not Stick To Hair Or Sensitive Skin When Removed

SealSkin Uses

  • Provide an occlusive outer wrap to keep dressings clean, dry and intact to promote healing and prevent infection

  • Wrap dressings prior to bathing activities to keep dressings dry and intact

How To Use SealSkin

  • Apply SealSkin Wrap 2 to 3 inches above and below site to ensure a watertight seal

  • While wrapping, keep SealSkin taut to provide better control and coverage

  • Use scissors or your thumb to tear the wrap off at the desired length and seal the end in place with your hand

  • Change wrap after shower and dry

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